Photography by Anna Pack

I have enjoyed photography ever since my teenage years, when my dad turned the family bathroom into an occasional darkroom and loaned me his old rangefinder camera and light meter.  After receiving an SLR camera as a 21st birthday present, for many years I photographed my travels using transparencies. With the advent of digital photography I rediscovered my love of composition and am particularly drawn to historic places,  architectural details, patterns, colours and textures.  I often use my photographs as inspiration for textile designs, including screen printing and intricate colourwork knitwear patterns. 

In 2019 I joined a photography group called the Beeston Snappers Collective after seeing some of their work on the ABC Art Trail. This led to my first photographic exhibition with the collective where we each presented a photo essay under the overarching theme of ‘Beyond Borders’. My photo essay, entitled ‘A Silk Road Journey’ , was based upon my recent visit to Uzbekistan and focused on the contrasts between ancient and modern, taking inspiration from the eye-catching architecture and vibrant silk textiles.